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EQFocuser Now Supporting 2 Focuser Motors

Last night, I was just updating the drivers for the EQ Focuser but something came to my mind.  I was looking at my current setup with my Explore Scientific 127MM ED with the 80EDT-CF.  Both scopes are equipped with the same focuser motor, the ST35-12VDC and wondered why not use a single controller to focus both scope and that’s what I just did.  A little bit of an update on the Arduino Sketch file and some pin reconfiguration to accommodate another 4 pins for the UNL2003 stepper controller.  We’ll it worked out well in the end.

I have pushed the code to my github repository https://github.com/EverettQuebral/EQFocuser and released the installer.  Just make sure to update the Arduino with the latest sketch file.  The rough diagrams are also in there just to see the pin connections.  Not much detail on the motor as you can use any other motor aside from what I’m using.

Hoping for a clear sky.