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Hello there, thank you for visiting my personal blog.

I’m a VP of Engineering also acting as the Chief Architect of our company.  The company falls under FinTech and offers our customers a way to buy and sell stocks.  I’m responsible for supporting our growing customer needs heading the product development and engineering operations.  There are many facets to my day to day job like always making sure that my staff are healthy and happy.  Engineers are usually happy when they are challenged and motivated by fixing customer problems.  Also I’m a software engineer at heart where I still code and make myself sharp to technology.

I’m also a photographer taking shots of nature, people, activities and events. I love to capture the mood of people, the beauty of nature and to stop time on a very special moment. I also spend time trying to make things simple, inventing things that help for accomplishing complicated tasks.

I spend most of my time doing mobile and web development and at work do some architecture and product development stuff. On a weekend I spend a couple of hours for Astronomy whenever weather permits. On special occasion, do some photography stuff for friends and church.

I love to spend time with my kids as I’m continuously learning, listening and watching them play.

Other than that, you can view my professional profile in linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/everettquebral/



9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Bro, your shots were amazing and truly relaxing. It’s clean and simple. I don’t know why I’m still stuck on digicams. Guess it’s time for me to buy dslr. Can you recommend one for a beginner like me? Thank you.

  2. Bro, anything dlsr will be okay, you can start with the entry level Canon EOS or Nikon. Just be sure that once you make a decision there’s no going back, it’s because of the accessories and lenses that it can only be used for a particular brand.

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  4. Are you still using the Avx mount? I have a similar set up and have questions regarding guiding. Are you located in the South Bay? Gary

  5. @Gary,

    Yes I still have the AVX mount though my NexStar+ Hand Controller is broken. I’m using the StarSense with the AVX mount. I have two scopes for guiding, the Celestron 50mm finder scope and an Orion ShortTube 80mm with the Orion SSAG camera. Let me know how I can help.

    Also Yes, I’m from the South Bay.

    1. I am in Los altos. The next time you do some imaging I like to meet you and see how you are doing it. Do you belong to any astronomy clubs like San Jose (SJAA) ?

  6. I’m in South San Jose, sure we can do some imaging session. I am a member of SJAA. Usually go to the Rancho del Canada for imaging, but most of the time at my backyard (with some limited view of the sky) and front yard.

    1. I need help with precise polar alignment. Currently using celestron’s all star polar alignment but not sure if that is good enough for imaging. Also not sure if I have the settings correct in PHD. Can I contact you by email?

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