Auto Guiding Problems


Last night was a good night as it was not so windy, but still alignment is challenging.  Spent a lot of time trying to figure out what’s happening so I started aligning the mount using PoleMaster then I used SharpCap 3.2 Pro version.  Using PoleMaster is not enough since I’m using C11 with .63x reducer/flattener with the ASI 1600MM camera.  Tried tirelessly until I was able to get to the “EXCELLENT” alignment in SharpCap.  Well the result was definitely better than the other day.

I used to have a very good guiding with my usual setup but have faced a difficult challenge when I started using my C11 for long exposures.  Before, I have this kind of chat in my guiding with PHD2

A total of RMS Error of 0.10 and with this number I was able to get very long exposure and sharp images.

With my C11 and a 0.63x reducer and ZWO ASI 1600MM camera, I can only get 30 secs of meaningful exposure or else I’ll have an elongated star.  Also loosing 2/3 of my images which is a waste of time.

Guiding shows it’s okay as I also use PoleMaster for polar alignment.  From the chart above the DEC seems to have a problem in guiding.  Perhaps another problem could be the weight of the scope.  I’m using the Orion EQ-G Atlas mount rated for 40lbs but I’m pretty sure that my telescope, camera, filter wheel, focuser are way below that mark.

My guess here is PoleMaster is not enough to provide a good alignment and hopefully SharpCap can help if I use the Polar Alignment method using the Orion 80mm with ASI 120MM camera.


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