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My day job is focused in creating software.  Mostly leaning on the applications side where customers and client can use our products.  It’s nice to see that a lot of people have actually touched the product I helped developed.  Okay so as I accumulate experience behind me, getting more structured in my thought process in creating and building an application, there are things that I also want to focus on like just building an experimental project where I can put all the features and I want the test the result.

Well I guess to do that is create something meaningful at first, and that’s why I decided to write something about creating a Web Application using React, GraphQL, Redux, Apollo and probably to use that as my next generation web site.  I have been using React, Redux, Flux, and GraphQL for a long time, probably a couple of years already.  Still wondering on what will be the next big thing after React but I guess we haven’t seen the limitations and we are still finding ways on how to do things better with React so I guess it will stay for a couple more years

Let’s see how it goes, you can follow the updates on my github page


Starting to contribute to Apollo mainly focusing on Mobile iOS and Android Development and also working on some Clean Architecture where GraphQL + Apollo Client and Redux works together in harmony.  I wrote a simple React Application that is using Redux and Apollo Client side by side.   The example application was using the Togetherness Level 2 where there’s still a clean separation between the Redux Store and Apollo Client to make sure that local store and remote store are managed properly.  You can take a look at the application [Just take note that since it is currently hosted on a free web dyno, it might take a while to load on startup as heroku shuts down free web dyno when not in use].   Currently hosted by Heroku using a Free Web Dyno.   The application is also using my GraphQL Server also hosted by Heroku here  Please feel free to play around with and the codes are on my Github repository here

Below is just a sample with the app in an iFrame 🙂

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