Processing the Rosette Nebula


The image below was corrected using PixInsight’s Deconvolution to fix/correct the raw data that was later added as Luminance frame for the SHO combination.  Also the combined imaged was later exported to Photoshop CC2018 with a little bit of Smart Sharpen filter.  Overall the image looked clearer and have more detail than the previous two.

Another rendition of the Rosette Nebula from the same data. With a more aggressive port processing


Favorite Image

So far the image below is my favorite that I actually ordered a 24×30 canvas print.  The result was very easy to the eyes and really loved the combination of blue and gold.

Rosette Nebula

Golden Center

This image depicts a very fire’y core of the nebula, while the bluish clouds are perfect for blending in the background.  Didn’t do much on this as it is very well seen in the star halos (magenta) and the background gradient fix actually made the image worst, but this image was invited to the Flickr’s Explore Gallery where it got a lot of Fave’s

The Rosette Nebula (Gold in the Center)


  • ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool
  • ZWO 8 position 1.25″ EFW
  • Orion Narrowband filters (Ha, O3, S2) 7nm bandpass
  • Orion Atlas EQ-G Mount
  • Orion ED80T-CF
  • Orion SSAG (Guide Cam)
  • Orion 80mm Short Tube (Guide Scope)
  • EQ Focuser
  • EQ Switch


  • Sequence Generator Pro
  • PixInsight
  • Photoshop CC2018


  • 12 x 5 minutes Ha
  • 12 x 5 minutes S2
  • 12 x 5 minutes
  • 40 dark frames
  • 100 bias frames
  • no flats

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