Inspecting my imaging train (CCDInspector)

I got a huge tilt in both of my imaging train and thanks to CCDInspector to validate my hypothesis that there’s a hug problem in the imaging train of both of my astrophotography setup.  The camera I used for both is the ZWO ASI1600M-Cool and it’s good to see that the curvature is different meaning that I can eliminate the camera as the source of the problem.  I may also need to use my Canon 5DMarkIII and Canon 7D/SL1 cropped sensor to validate my findings.

Explore Scientific ED127MM

Explore Scientific ED 127 MM


Orion ED80T-CF

Orion ED80T-CF

This could be my next project this weekend and will take the opportunity because it’s full moon, no image capture.

I couldn’t believe of eh curvature and amount of collimation for both of my astrophotography rig.

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    1. Yes, it was on the focuser draw tube. I did some cleanup and tightening of the hex screws. It helped but not completely removed it.

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