Reprocessed Andromeda Galaxy Data

Did some reprocessing of an old data that I took last year, around September when Andromeda was coming into view.

The photo below was overly processed as there are some color that doesn’t seem to be natural.  This time I was playing around with new techniques in PixInsight and Photoshop CC2017.  I have used a couple of layers in Photoshop and stack them with High Pass and Overlay on top of the image that I processed in PixInsight.  Then a little bit of curves, levels and color balance.


Most of the post processing here were done in PixInsight and very little in Photoshop CC2017.

Andromeda Galaxy Fullsize


Below is the last year result for the same data.  The full size image will show a big difference in the quality of the photo.

Andromeda Galaxy Fullsize


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