SGP or Nebulosity

I have been struggling with Sequence Generator Pro because of some nasty sequence bug.  For some reason it terminates unexpectedly saying that the sequence was completed.  Also with the Auto focus not being so user friendly.  Here’s the video for more details.

I still tried to continue working with SGP and decided to point to Sadr and take pictures of that star where Ha should return a very good data.  But that didn’t helped me well because I tried to process the data, I’m getting bloated stars on O3 and S2, specially on Green and Blue.  It’s just no way to process it.  Picture below should give an idea on how the focusing is so bad that on Ha, it clearly shows the bloated stars.


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With all the wasted nights, I decide to do everything in Nebulosity and finally the focus is crystal clear and I don’t have to wait for the focusing routine every time the filter changes.  I’m used to the scripting of  Nebulosity and for me that give me more flexibility on how I want to capture my images.


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