Rainy Days

I’ve been waiting for a clear night to test what I have left off since I did last my imaging session. It was horrible as I wasn’t able to capture meaningful. It was because of “faulty setup”, primarily because of some USB3 issues. My camera which is a ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool is USB3 while MiniEFW, SSAG, are all USB2. For some reason, whatever capture application I used tends to fail. The struggle was annoying as it was a cold night and don’t really want to go outside to try things out.

The applications that I’m running are Stellarium with the Stellarium Scope connected to my mount via ASCOM. I have AstroTortilla connected to my capture application which is Nebulosity and SharpCap. Nebulosity failed horribly as it can’t finish the capture while SharpCap gave me a lot of headache because it doesn’t have the stretch capability to I have to run a complete capture which is flaky then stretch it in PixInsight.

At least with my last test that by just using USB2, everything seems to run normally. I hope to test AstroTortilla in synching with my targets.

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