Testing EQ Focuser

Sorry for the name of the EQ Focuser, but couldn’t think of anything.

Last night I have tested the EQ Focuser and it worked like a charm, the focus the I got was very sharp and doing all automation via script in Nebulosity worked flawless.  I haven’t processed the Wizard Nebula as it was my target for an LRGB sequence.  Will update this post with the processed image.

I also played around with the Windows version of INDI and Stars. I would say that it will be an awesome tool only if it is dependable. I have tested my EQ Focuser on using the KStars via the Ekos Tool. The autofocus and manual focus seems to work properly but KStars keeps on hanging. I have struggled in making the tool work and I just gave up last night and went back to Nebulosity in capturing the Wizard Nebula via LRGB sequence script.

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