Bubble Nebula and M52 and struggles with focusing

Bubble Nebula and M52
Bubble Nebula and M52 Full Size

I was able to partially automate my setup in capturing data which brings me to a new level of productivity as I was able to focus more on post processing where I’m still learning a lot. One thing that I’m really missing is the ability to remotely focus my telescope. This is one of the missing piece that I need to work on. I have done a lot of research that include doing or making my own focuser, but it still requires a lot of time to perfect and adopt to every scope that I have.

To give more detail, I capture most of the time an LRGB images, meaning different filters and different focus required. Without a dedicated observatory where I need to setup every night frustrates me. Doing alignment every night making sure that everything is in place makes me loose the precious time in astrophotography.

Anyway, I have purchased a GPUSB and an Orion Accufocus that might not fit with my telescope but since I accumulated a lot parts since I was also making my own focuser might help. All I’m missing right now is the ASCOM driver which GPUSB will solve for me. Fitting the Orion Accufocus to my camera will not be a problem at all for me.

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