Enhancing Work Flow for Astrophotography

Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy Full Size
  • 4 Lightframes 500 secs 1600 iso
  • 10 Darkframes 500 secs 1600 iso
  • Canon SL1 unmodified
  • Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
  • Orion 80 Shorttube with Orion SSAG
  • Celestron AVX Mount
  • Celestron StarSense
  • PHD2.5 Windows
  • Backyard EOS
  • Captured with PHD Dithering
  • Nebulosity 4
  • Adobe Lightroom

Shortcuts doesn’t really help in getting a high quality image.  I have captured the Andromeda Galaxy before and took some extra effort in post processing but did a lot of shortcuts in taking darks, flats and bias.  Although this image doesn’t use any flats and bias (that for me is pretty simple to do and that can be taken out from the time of the actual image capture).

Without the shortcuts that I’ve been doing before,  the level of quality that you can achieve is different, the level of detail, the noise that can be removed if taking darks are part of the session.  What I did before was to take my lights frames then get inside and cool down my camera then take the darks which eventually made things worst.  Now my workflow has changed that I take the darks immediately after taking my lights.  Just about the same time when I’m taking down my equipment.

Also using the PHD Dithering helps as it eliminates a lot of noise when the image is captured.

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