Mod-ing a Webcam for Astrophotography

Last year, I bought a couple of stuff from eBay for my Astrophotography Project. Most stuff are cheap and second hand as it is a simple experiment on how to take long exposures using a webcam and be able to connect it to the eyepiece of the telescope.

Most DYI projects uses philips SPC900 and since it’s popularity, I couldn’t find anything in eBay so decided to use the Philips SPC700NC that I bought for $9.50

Philips SPC700NC Webcam

Taking all the unnecessary plastics and removing the case to put the 1.25″ Telescope Adapter that I also bought from eBay at $16.00
1.25″ Telescope Adapter

Celestron C90 Maksutov

Tested the new modded webcam to fit in the telescope, I used a small telescope, the Celestron C90 Mak and here’s a video of how it fitted and worked.

Standard Zoom, showing the tower

With 2x Barlow Lens and trying to optimize the video settings

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