Sequence Generator Pro PlateSolve Problem

I’ve been struggling with this situation in SGP and lost a lot of nights because of this issue.  See the movie with the SGP log below

[10/27/17 22:05:10.201][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] =========== Save file took 356 ms
[10/27/17 22:05:10.201][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] SGM_CAMERA_PLATE_SOLVER_CAPTURE complete…
[10/27/17 22:05:10.423][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Auto center verification frame complete. Plate solving image C:\Users\raina\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Temp\
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ************* SOLVE HINTS ****************
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SOLVER: PlateSolve2
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] BLIND: False
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] METHOD: Max Regions
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] RA: 22.786322593689
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] DEC: 58.1384253501892
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SCALE: 1
[10/27/17 22:05:10.504][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ******************************************
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FitsFileHeaderData: Angle – 0
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FitsFileHeaderData: Scale – 0
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FitsFileHeaderData: RA – 22.7862467765808
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FitsFileHeaderData: DEC – 58.1384682655334
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSove2 Param: RA (RAD) – 5.9654453052217
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSove2 Param: DEC (RAD) – 1.01470694428574
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSove2 Param: Width – 2328
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSove2 Param: Height – 1760
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] PlateSolve2 Command Line:
[10/27/17 22:05:10.510][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] C:\Users\raina\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\\PlateSolve2.exe 5.96544530522170,1.01470694428574,0.01128646249623,0.00853272078753,3000,C:\Users\raina\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\\Temp\
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] *********** SUCCESSFUL SOLVE *************
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SOLVER: False
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SUCCESS: True
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] CONF: 307
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] BLIND: False
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] RA: 22.7867192515237
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] DEC: 58.1428305771212
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] SCALE: 3.23906
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] FLIPPED: False
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ANGLE (EON): 89.96
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] MSG: Valid solve.
[10/27/17 22:05:16.188][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ******************************************
[10/27/17 22:05:16.189][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Checking to see if solve might be bad…
[10/27/17 22:05:16.189][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Solved scale not within 25% of scale hint!
[10/27/17 22:05:16.189][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Solve might be bad (auto center)! Solved scale is not within 25% of scale hint.
[10/27/17 22:05:26.157][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Sequence aborted due to possible bad solve…
[10/27/17 22:05:26.157][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Adding sequence level notification: A Plate solve during auto center might be bad! Sequence aborted (or entered recovery mode)!

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