Capturing the Pleiades

The Pleiades

The image above was taken last Sept 25, 2017 and it turned out to be good.  20 subs per channel with 30 seconds exposure each.  The total time of integration is 40 minutes. The Pleiades was one of my early target as I was learning.  I think I have learned a lot every time I go back to my old data.  I’m very happy with the result above, with very little post processing, the details of the dust cloud that was illuminated by the bright stars and also the small stars from red dwarf to some young, blue stars.

Here are some of the my old captures. From my old post (Pleiades (M45)

3 thoughts on “Capturing the Pleiades”

  1. Gorgeous pic! I just ordered this second hand off Cloudynights, looking forward to trying to reproduce what you did, but I will be using a full frame DSLR, I’m betting that won’t be as nice…

    1. That’s nice, you can get really cheap second from Cloudynights. Full frame will be a good start and please share to me whatever result you got and we can always exchange information on how to get really good astro photos.

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