Capturing Elephant Trunk Nebula 2 (Re-Framing)

Updated: Oct 2, 2017

I wasn’t happy with the result of the image because of the noise and finally I have some time to play with it again and here’s the result.

Re Processed Elephant Trunk Nebula

I love the differences between the two and clearly see the contrast.  The dust lanes are very well defined, the shadow on the trunk is very clear also.

Elephant Trunk Nebula

I have to capture the Elephant Trunk Nebula, because of my previous capture where I’m not that so happy with how it was framed.  This time the center is the elephant trunk.  Maybe it was just luck or my skills are just getting better but of course still far from the skills of the seasoned astrophotographer.

Here’s the last Elephant Trunk Nebula that I captured.

Elephant Trunk Nebula


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