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Struggles with OAG, and SGP

Due to the weather, I wasn’t able to fully test all my new accessories and software.  Started 3 nights ago and I was just failing.  Couldn’t get it to work properly and most of the time the cause of failure is on my PHD2 AutoGuiding, not because of the software, but because of the OAG.  I normally do manual step when in comes to autoguiding and my most advanced automation as a script written to run in Nebulosity.  I love that kind of control which is not offered in Sequence Generator Pro.  It makes life a love easier but with a lot of problem.  When things are failing then you won’t be able to get anything from SGP at all.  Spent a couple of night battling it to work.  One thing I love from it is the auto focus routine specially when a filter change occured.

The image below was the result of that battle, being persistent enough to continue a sequence every time something failed like couldn’t get a good guide star.

After a couple of nights, finally I got most of the settings right.  Got a really good focus on my ZWO Off Axis Guider and PHD2 doesn’t have a problem in selecting the guide star.

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