What a Bad Night

Started the evening setting up my rig.  It is time to test the ZWO LRGB Filters that I bought probably a month ago, also testing the replaced D32 AR protect window to my ASI1600-MM Cooled camera.  Due to the weather, all the accessories that I bought have been sitting around and just waiting for a good clear night, well that night was tonight.

It was such a bummer when my Switch broke.  I remember dropping it a couple of nights ago when I was imaging Jupiter.  For some reason, the wires touched and burned the circuit.  Hopefully there was not a lot of damage and I just need to replace wires.  Well it’s not an easy job as it took me almost a week to put that up together.

So looked for an alternative, 12v power supply and it worked.  My alignment was not really good, the ZWO OAG was okay but not sharp in terms of focus.  I think I could live with that so pointed to the Whirlpool Galaxy.  The focus was good, the capture was good together with the new ZWO LRGB filters.  I had some good data to process.

It’s still very early but I’m finished to decided to work on the OAG a bit more.  Got it to focus really sharp.  It was really a good night, the stars are so bright and the seeing condition was superb.

Anyway, packed the whole thing and  finally going to work on the data.  Crap, I couldn’t find it.  For some reason Nebulosity created and saved the files in a temporary folder.  I’m hoping that I can still find it as I believe I got a pretty good data from M51 that are just waiting to be processed.

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