EQFocuser with NEMA17 and Adafruit MotorShield v2

The stepper motors that the EQFocuser has supported are the small geared stepper motor,  and recently just released the code/sketch for Arduino that supports the NEMA17 and the Adafruit MotorShield version 2.

Here’s the video demo of the EQFocuser in action

The code is available at https://github.com/EverettQuebral/EQFocuser and the sketch is at https://github.com/EverettQuebral/EQFocuser/blob/master/EQFocuserStepper-MotorShield-NEMA17.ino

Will be supporting more stepper motor controller soon.

5 thoughts on “EQFocuser with NEMA17 and Adafruit MotorShield v2”

  1. Everett, is there a drawing of the mechanical parts on GitHub that I am not seeing? I have the same focuser on an ES 127mm apochromat, so replicating your set-up exactly would work for me. If you were doing it again, would you do it exactly the same, or would you make any improvements?

    What is the step size of the smallest step?

    Thanks very much for documenting your project!

    1. Hi Joel,

      You should see the 3D models here https://github.com/EverettQuebral/EQFocuser/tree/master/Resources

      That’s the very good question you asked. For the setup, I have already come to a couple of iterations in terms of the design. So far my latest became the simplest and the best. There’s another improvement that I’d like to do but hasn’t found the time. It is an improvement on the strength of the 3D printed bracket.

      The step size are different for each of the motor, right now I’m using NEMA 17 which has a 1.8 degree step size.

      You can visit this post to give you more information about the EQFocuser https://everettquebral.com/2017/10/30/eqfocuser-instructions/

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