Cracked the Code of 3D Printing

Last month I bought my 3D printer from Amazon and arrived a couple of days later. Excited to see and try it out. Unboxed and printed my first 3D printed model. This time it’s just the model that came from the printer but it took me couple of try to do it as it was failing (multiple times) because the model is not sticking to the printing board. Researched and watched some YouTube videos the model can stick. Well it’s a very simple solution, to use an Elmers Stick Glue. It was working for some but the problem is now that the model is warping from the edges. Wasted a lot of time an effort but recently discovered the technique. Use a hair spray, with 100% success rate and then I was able to build and print more complex models.

Right now my Explore Scientific 127ED and my EQFocuser is using a 3D printed bracket. I’m excited to use it and how it performs. Probably tonight is a good night to just test all the tools, software updates and new learnings in capturing more sophisticated and hard to capture deep sky objects.

Also learning a lot using Blender for modeling my 3D parts. Probably not the best 3D Modeler software out there as I’m always having an issue figuring out the size of the object in terms of dimension.

Images below are my first try and will update this post to show the final focuser bracket.

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