Explore Scientific 127ED – First Light

Finally, a clear skies.

I bought the Explore Scientific 127ED a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t able to test it out because of the weather and it gave me an opportunity to work on a focuser for the new scope.  This time it’s not difficult as the parts are the same with the EQ Focuser and the only thing that I need to get is the bracket that fits the rack and pinion focuser of the scope.

Again finally, clear skies, I was able to test the scope but with a couple of challenges, light pollution because of the X-Mas light from my neighbors so I decided to put the narrowband filters.

My first target was the Horse Head Nebula and I’m amazed from the detail that I got.  It’s like all the equipment that I’m using all of a sudden worked together as one.  I’ve been having a problem with vignetting and stars getting stretched in the corner of the photo but this time, the AstroTech 2″ Field Flattener worked like a charm.  Second the focus is very sharp.  Well you can take a look a the image below and see, it is a stack of 4 subs with 5 minute exposure at 300 gain and -30°C.  The camera used is the ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cooled with the ZWO Mini EFW.

Horse Head Nebula
Horse Head Nebula Full Size

The next target was the Rosette Nebula and I decided to capture the HaO3S2 and used that as the RGB for the image below. Again the details are crystal clear.

Rosette Nebula
Rosette Nebula Full Size

I’m so impressed with the Explore Scientific 127ED. Doesn’t break the bank and gives a really good result.

Next stop, a reducer…

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