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Automating My Telescope – Raspberry Pi and Arduino

[UPDATE 10-02-18]

If you are looking for an ASCOM compliant DIY Focuser, please see this post EQFocuser Instructions


I’m not sure why focusers are so expensive while I don’t see some really advanced technology or cool stuff with it? Maybe because there’s not much competition in the space and in fact, you might be able to develop or build one for you that is much better.

Anyway I’m planning to use my Raspberry Pi and Arduino with some stepper motor for controlling the focuser, but again, it’s an overkill to use raspi and arduino just to control the focuser so I decided to put some more. How about controlling the tracking motors?

Declination and Right Ascention Motors

This is going to be a tough shot, but we’ll see. Just to add that I also have another project for this which is converting my existing 50×9 finder scope as a scope guider with a moded SPC700NC webcam.

Web Cam

This was the original purpose why I bought the raspi so I can share some cool images and making the telescope totally autonomous. Just point to that direction and all video feeds will be coming from the raspi.

Web Server

NodeJS running on raspi is like a piece of cake. But I need to build an appealing and exciting UI for this.

Raspi and arduino, controlling telescopes focuser, camera, declination and ascention motors


Easy Driver

Motor Focuser DIY

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Lesson 10 – Stepper Motors

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